Christopher Mathias: Voracious reader. Autodidact. Committed writer. Committed musician. Lyricist and songwriter. Sometimes-inventor. Social-opiner. Sometimes-mentor. Sometimes-neologist. Technologist. All-around-nice-guy wishing the best for the society, and the planet. Modern renaissance man if thats a thing.

Raised on a dairy farm in North Dakota. Started computer programming at age 12 in 1983. Read 1984 in 1984 (oops). Started writing at age 14 in 1985.

Today he resides in Austin Texas with his passionately anachronistic wife (she can shear a sheep, dye and spin the yarn, and knit you a sweater – all while painting you a lullaby), and his brilliant and beautiful daughter (also a writer and avid social critic). 

Favorite Color: None

Favorite Ice Cream: Breyers Natural Vanilla with chopped up girl scout thin-mint cookies and a dab of Hersheys’ syrup

Favorite Series: Battlestar Galactica

Current Favorite Book: Red Rising (Series), Pierce Brown

Favorite Quote:

I’m too old fashioned believe to that what I want is the only thing that matters.

Mary Crawley – Fictional Character
Seated. Heading to hyperspace.