About Me

Christopher Mathias: Voracious reader. Autodidact. Committed writer. Committed musician. Lyricist and songwriter. Sometimes-inventor. Social-opiner. Sometimes-mentor. Sometimes-neologist. Technologist. All-around-nice-guy wishing the best for the society, and the planet. Modern renaissance man if thats a thing.

Raised on a dairy farm in North Dakota. Started computer programming at age 12 in 1983. Read 1984 in 1984 (oops). Started writing at age 14 in 1985.

A moderate in a liberal’s cape. A libertarian in a conservative’s cloak. An optimist wearing a pessimist’s helmet. A pragmatist with a cynic’s posture.

Today he resides in Austin Texas with his passionately anachronistic wife (she can shear a sheep, dye and spin the yarn, and knit you a sweater – all while painting you a lullaby), and his brilliant and beautiful daughter (also a writer and avid social critic). 

Favorite Color: None

Favorite Ice Cream: Breyers Natural Vanilla with chopped up girl scout thin-mint cookies and a dab of Hersheys’ syrup

Favorite Series: Battlestar Galactica

Current Favorite Book: Red Rising (Series), Pierce Brown

Favorite Quote:

I’m too old fashioned believe to that what I want is the only thing that matters.

Mary Crawley – Fictional Character
Seated. Heading to hyperspace.