On Technology

  • Brotopia (vs Personal Responsibility)
    There are a few ways out of the despair loop. The what? The despair loop. That completely engaging cyclic thought train that keeps one occupied with no benefit. The wallowing in how things didn’t go the … Continue reading
  • AI for Fun and Profit, and Augmentation?
    There’s a lot of debate on how to capitalize on the success of generative-AI large-language-models like ChatGPT. While clever scientists and engineers are working to optimize the cost-basis of running these models, content creators and patent/license/copyright … Continue reading
  • More Than Our (Social) Network
    Our social world is our network. Always has been. “Tribal” was a kind of network, and it still is. Rolodex was a kind of network, and no longer is. It has been replaced by digital integrations.  … Continue reading
  • Why It Is Impossible For Tesla To Fail
    Why do technologies languish? Why do they boom? What happens in between?  Leaps While each story of technology growth carries its own unique details, it is commonly perceived that wildly successful tech “came out of nowhere”. … Continue reading
  • Why I’m Hyped About Augmented Reality
    As quickly as possible: Augmented Reality is the experience of projected information into/onto the physical world, as perceived by a user with an AR-capable device such as a handset or headset. This information can be anything a … Continue reading