The Middle Years,”Sane” Music, Solo Works

Then came Sane. Written in a period of unrest and difficulty in life. “Heart music” to save myself and release the turmoil within. Yes, a bit of melodrama to be sure, but heartfelt!

Sane is 3 albums “worth” of material. If I’m being honest, not all worth listening to, but that is how it is with solo work, am I right? (Way to sell it Chris!!)

If you are sad, depressed, and want to wallow in it, this is great music for those times. Grab some wine and headphones.

Sane – IN

Mostly of these songs were written long after FPC, and at a time when I was yearning for creative release but band-less, listening to too much Radiohead and Grant Lee Buffalo.

Sane – Beyond

These tracks were largely crafted during the long, long slow failure of a marriage.

Sane – Through

The end of the marriage, and the light in front that opens up when one has the courage to enact self-preservation, and move on.

Caffeine Smile is up next, a turning point in sound and direction, and life in general.